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December 31, 2015

Create a Umbraco Content Picker for the Grid Layout in Umbraco 7

This tutorial will show you how to implement an Umbraco content picker in your grid layout. We use this a lot so we can easily re-use modules throughout a website while still utilizing the grid layout editor.

I’ll give you a brief run down on how this works and hangs in together with the grid layout editor first then we’ll get into the specifics. If you just want to get stuff done the skip the next paragraph but I promise it’s brief and to the point.

So the idea is to create a new Grid Editor array item in config/grid.editors.config.js which points to a Render (basically a view for your new grid editor item on the front end) and also points to a View [...]

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December 23, 2015

Get Twitter Followers Using C# and V 1.1 of the Twitter API

This is a simple guide on how to get just the Twitter followers for an account using V1.1 of the Twitter API in C#.


1. Get Twitter API Details:

Firstly go to the Twitter apps area and create a new app:

2. Copy the following code as a new method in your C# project


3. Copy you Twitter Application details into the code provided.

You’ll need 4 pieces of information from your “Keys and Access Tokens” of the new app you created for Twitter:

Consumer Key

Consumer Secret (API Secret)

– Access Token

– Access Token [...]

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December 14, 2015

Amazon SQL Server RDS Cheat Sheet

I’ve worked with AWS for a long time now but it always slips my mind on how to do some of the simplest things. I hope this saves everyone else as much time as it saves me

Connect To Amazon SQL Server RDS Database

When you first create a SQL Server RDS you’ll get an endpoint such as:

Use this as the server name and then use the admin username and password you setup on creation to login. If it doesn’t work at first you may need to set the security settings to allow external connections.

Create a Amazon SQL Server RDS Database

This can be done in Microsoft SQL [...]