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July 24, 2016

How to Install Umbraco using NuGet

Installing Umbraco is pretty simple but it’s always good to have a reference as general it isn’t something you do too often. This tutorial aims to step you through how to install Umbraco on your local computer so if there is anything I have missed please comment below.

What you need A Windows PC (mine is running Windows 10) Microsoft Visual Studio (I use the Community Edition because it’s free, you can find it here Microsoft SQL Server with Tools (I use the 2014 version which can be found here Microsoft .NET 4.5 [...]
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July 3, 2016

How to Setup a Multi Environment Robots.txt file in Ruby on Rails

Almost every web developer I know at some point or another has forgot to block search engines and had a test site rank in Google. Well here is a quick way to set it up once and it is configured correctly the Robots.txt file in Ruby on Rails for development, testing and production.

1. In a common controller such as Pages Controller or Home Controller create an action called robots with the following content: [crayon-5c6a32ae48bd2764395472/] 2. Create your robots.txt files based on environment. Put each one of these in the config/ [...]

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July 2, 2016

Best WordPress Shipping Provider and Plugins in Australia

The hardest part of any eCommerce solution is choosing the right shipping provider. It can seem overly complicated to find the best WordPress shipping provider and plugins and thats because it is. Rates with different providers and their level of integrations into an eCommerce solution is often very hard to understand. We’ll focus on WordPress + WooCommerce in this post with a look at some of the best providers in Australia.

Before I start all shipping costs are general estimates based on building 20+ eCommerce stores and currently running 3 of my own.

1. What are you shipping?

Are you shipping parcels, refrigerators, t-shirts, pallets or something else. [...]