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Low Cost Backups with AWS Glacier

Low Cost Backups with AWS Glacier

by Dylan PinnNovember 19, 2015

How to set up AWS Glacier to enable low-cost backups.

Set-up Glacier

  1. Log into your AWS console and select Glacier.
  2. Create a vault in your desired region.

Add Archives to Vault

CLI (OSX or Linux) (Untested Windows)

Using the very good Java CLI tool glacieruploader available at


  • Java JDK (v1.6 or higher)


  1. Download the binary by following instructions in the Github repo and rename to glacieruploader.jar.
  2. Set-up configuration files
    1. In home directory create

  1. In home directory create .glacieruploaderrc

Upload Archive

Run command in the directory with the glacieruploader.jar

This will upload the archive in 8MB parts. For detailed instructions checkout the repo.


Coming soon.

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