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October 29, 2016

Leverage Browser Caching using Apache on Ubuntu

We are all trying to increase our sites speed and give our users a better experience and one often overlooked method is to leverage browser caching.

For anyone who doesn’t know exactly what we are trying to do here I’ll try and explain. Browser caching stores parts of websites for a period of time in order to make them load faster. For instance if you look at 10 pages on a website and it has the same background image, logo, social media icons and so on, we can store these in the browser so they do not keep being downloaded.

You can do this on any operating system and with any web server software but one of the most common setups these days is LAMP (Linux [...]

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May 13, 2015

Install and Configure Apache on Ubuntu with Virtual Hosts

Setting up a web server is always made out to be a lot more complicated than what it has to be. If you're not looking to fine tune and harden it for a live deployment and just want to get something setup for a development environment it shouldn't take longer than 5 mins (unless you have a terrible internet connection).