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Tips for Using LinkedIn Publisher

Tips for Using LinkedIn Publisher

by Mikayla TamJuly 2, 2015

LinkedIn Publisher can be an incredibly powerful tool both promoting yourself as a thought leader, and for sharing blog content you’ve already written fro your personal or company website in the hope of finding a new and interested audience.

Publishing a post on LinkedIn is so easy – just log into your account, and select “Publish a Post” underneath your profile information. Getting the most out of your post is another thing – so take a look at these tips to help gain the most out of your Published Posts!


  1. Don’t go overboard with the title – keeping it between 40 and 50 characters works best
  2. Add images where relevant. As with most content, images speak louder than words. Always create a hero image (698 x 400 pixels) and add secondary images throughout if they’re needed (and relevant)
  3. Use headlines (or sub-headlines) within your post. You  can also create H1 or H2 headlines to create hierarchy when editing your post
  4. Readers love how-to posts or list posts (probably because they’re super easy to read!). Don’t do every post in this format, but definitely work them into your content plan
  5. Don’t go too technical (think like the average person and make sure you explain everything in common tongue… not some technical jargon that only your boss will understand!)
  6. Generally speaking posts between 500 and 1200 words will do well – but test this! Your unique audience might like it longer or shorter. Keep an eye out for engagement on different length posts and determine the best length for you from there
  7. Promote, promote, promote! Don’t just set and forget! Publish the post, then share it in LinkedIn Groups (relevant ones of course), and of course on your other social networks – Facebook, Twitter etc
  8. Include social links so readers can follow you. This is so easy – simply add one small line or paragraph at the end of your post to say something like, “Love this post? Follow me on Facebook or our LinkedIn page to get more tips and advice.” And link to your pages. It’s a simple way to allow readers to keep following your journey
  9. Publish regularly. Have in mind a certain regularity you want to run with (this might be once a week or once a month) and get in the habit of writing and publishing then. Keeping it regular makes it easy for your followers and readers to know when to expect your next post


Do you have a 10th tip? Add it below!



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