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What is Remarketing?

What is Remarketing?

by Mikayla TamJune 28, 2015

Remarketing is a way to market your brand to visitors who have previously visited your website or App.

What are the benefits of Remarketing?

Not every visitor to your website will make an immediate purchase, enquiry or other conversion action (eg subscribe, join a mailing list, etc). However, the fact that they have already shown some interest in your product or services means they may be interested in something – just either not at the time they were on your site (ie they may have been at work, watching the kids play netball, out for coffee with friends etc), or have decided to shop around for other options before making a final purchase/conversion decision.

Remarketing allows you to stay in front of these visitors as they browse the internet. In this way, remarketing allows you to stay top-of-mind.

An example: Let’s assume the visitor is “shopping around”. As they browse through products or services like yours, your ad pops up and they are again reminded of your brand.


How does Remarketing work?

There are a few different ways to set up and utilize remarketing. The two platforms we most commonly use are Google AdWords and AdRoll.

Google AdWords remarketing allows you to retarget visitors through Google ads on search results pages (usually text ads), and on websites that are part of the Google Display Network (image ads). As per regular Google AdWords, the remarketing is charged by click (CPC) and you opt for a daily budget during set up.

AdRoll is another service which offers remarketing capabilities. This has a slightly higher minimum spend ($25 per week) and is charged by impression rather than by clicks. However, AdRoll allows you to target display ads on websites (similar to AdWords), and also allows you to target display ads on Facebook – which can be a great medium depending on the products or services you have on offer.


Getting Started with Remarketing

Get started with remarketing on AdWords by logging into your account and creating a new “Display Network Only” ad and following the prompts.

Get started with AdRoll by creating an account and following the prompts at

You will also need to design a range of different size display ads for both platforms. Use the Window>Animation function in Photoshop to create animated Gifs in place of static ads if required.


Tracking Remarketing

Remember to always use a uniquely built URL to help track the campaign performance in Analytics. Create the unique URL using Google’s URL Builder.


Have you successfully used remarketing for your business? Which platform have you found worked the best for you?




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