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AJAX Campaign Monitor And Mail Chimp Signup

AJAX Campaign Monitor And Mail Chimp Signup

by Adrian RandallJuly 5, 2015

We always have to hook up a Campaign Monitor Signup Form or Mailchimp Signup Form these days and I’m always searching for an easy reference. We used to use forms and send a POST request to an EDM application to sign people up but with everyone expecting rich UI’s we almost always just do it with AJAX.

Here is a quick run down on how to do this:


HTML (you’ll need to get your own action URL from your Campaign Monitor Forms area)



Just add any other CSS you need to style your form and away you go!


Campaign Monitor



On the Campaign Monitor signup I’ve also added abit of event tracking using Google Analytics (Universal Analytics) to cature when people sign up and when it fails to track your sites success.

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