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Block PayPal Payment Gateway Referrals in Google Analytics

Block PayPal Payment Gateway Referrals in Google Analytics

by Adrian RandallNovember 6, 2015

This comes up almost everytime I setup an eCommerce store and everytime I forget how to do block referrals from Paypal and use the original source as the origin of the checkout. So for myself an everyone else out there this is how we show true data in Google Analytics instead of PayPal when it redirects after a successful payment.

  1. Login to PayPal – This is actually a PayPal issue so we need to reconfigure this in PayPal

  2. Assuming you have a Business Account go to Profile in the top right hand corner and then click Profile and Settings. Once this loads go to Selling Tools in the left menu. Once this loads click on Update on the right for Website Preferences.


3. Now to Auto Return to On and then put the success page of your eCommerce store and then set “?utm_nooverride=1″ at the end of the URL for instance ‘”


4. Press Save.

From now on if someone comes to your site and searches for “mens running shoes” and they pay with PayPal it will be credited to Organic search and not PayPal.


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