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June 5, 2017

Changing the “All Web Site Data” Title in Analytics

Changing Google's default "All Web Site Data" title to a custom one is really easy and can make managing multiple accounts a lot easier. (Plus, it's a quick 5 steps to fix!)
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November 29, 2016

Setting up an AdWords Remarketing List

Remarketing can be a really powerful tool.

Before we jump into the the how, let’s first cover the why.

For those of you who have never heard of remarketing before, I encourage you to read this article, “What is Remarketing?”

In essence, remarketing is about staying top-of-mind as previous visitors to your website browse the web. Why is this important? Well, according to a study completed by Stamford, over 80% of consumers will visit online before even thinking about buying (whether it’s buying online or visiting a store). Furthermore in the same study, consumers spent an average of 79 days to gather information before making a purchase. [...]

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November 22, 2016

Optimize Images on Windows Locally

We all know sites are becoming more and more image heavy which places more emphasis on the need to optimize images. There are a lot of free tools out there that can be used online to optimize images but the fact is, if your site has 1GB of images it is going to take you a long time to:

Download from your website Upload to be optimized Download once they are optimized Re-Upload back to your site

So is there a quicker way? Well yes but you’ll still need to download and re-upload them at least once.

The easiest way is to use Caesium.

Caesium allows you to open an application on your Windows desktop, select a folder and then optimize the whole folder at once [...]

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November 19, 2016

How to Choose the Best Keywords for SEO Optimisation

We all know we can use Google Keyword Planner for free to find the best keywords for SEO optimisation but often it is difficult to find a structured way to do this. If you have a business with different service offerings, eCommerce store with a lot of products or just not sure how to effectively use the 1000’s of keywords returned as suggestions it can be more of a time consuming exercise than an effective one.

Firstly this is not a post on how to do keyword research, if that is what you are after please see our 5 Ways To Choose Keywords for SEO Content Optimization post. This post is aimed at taking the keywords which have been identified and narrowing it down to [...]