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July 2, 2016

Best WordPress Shipping Provider and Plugins in Australia

The hardest part of any eCommerce solution is choosing the right shipping provider. It can seem overly complicated to find the best WordPress shipping provider and plugins and thats because it is. Rates with different providers and their level of integrations into an eCommerce solution is often very hard to understand. We’ll focus on WordPress + WooCommerce in this post with a look at some of the best providers in Australia.

Before I start all shipping costs are general estimates based on building 20+ eCommerce stores and currently running 3 of my own.

1. What are you shipping?

Are you shipping parcels, refrigerators, t-shirts, pallets or something else. [...]

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February 6, 2016

I have a eCommerce site…what Google Analytics should I look at?

I’ve worked on a number of different eCommerce websites over the past 12 years from small startups to national brands which are household names. There are differences between the two into what you should track but the basics are the same and should always be practiced. If you make a tweak on a eCommerce site targeting say 18-24 year olds primarily on your home page instead of just everybody you may be able to make a 1-3% increase in sales. If you are Nike, that’s probably a fair bit and you’ve probably got everything else nailed so it’s a good choice. If you are Jill’s T-Shirt store, maybe you should look at focusing marketing on a specific channel which [...]

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November 18, 2015

Add Google Analytics eCommerce Tracking with Magento and Google Tag Manager

Howdy folks,


Today we’re going to learn how to add Google Analytics to a Magento site, and pimp it out with eCommerce conversion tracking.

Bonus fun: We’re going to do it all via Google Tag Manager.

Google Tag Manager is pretty cool. In a nutshell, what it does is take lots of the script tags you insert into webpages and refers to them into a single Google Tag Manager script tag (called a container). The big upside of this is that if you need to add/remove/edit any one of those tags, you don’t have to make changes to the code itself, you simply edit your settings in Google Tag Manager, and your changes get pushed to your site [...]

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November 6, 2015

Block PayPal Payment Gateway Referrals in Google Analytics

This comes up almost everytime I setup an eCommerce store and everytime I forget how to do block referrals from Paypal and use the original source as the origin of the checkout. So for myself an everyone else out there this is how we show true data in Google Analytics instead of PayPal when it redirects after a successful payment.

Login to PayPal – This is actually a PayPal issue so we need to reconfigure this in PayPal

Assuming you have a Business Account go to Profile in the top right hand corner and then click Profile and Settings. Once this loads go to Selling Tools in the left menu. Once this loads click on Update on the right for Website [...]