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Magento – Product vs Destination Shipping

Magento – Product vs Destination Shipping

by Adrian RandallMay 8, 2016

One of the most challenging tasks in Magento is figuring out a shipping solution which matches business requirements. Sometimes linking into an automated shipping calculation API such as Australia Post does not work for all products (especially if they are bulky) and sometimes your shipping doesn’t fit into the standard weight vs destination table rate matrix.

We’ve recently had this problem and with a lot of searching landed on the Shipping per Prduct Destination Wise  plugin from CED Commerce for $49USD. This plugin adds another shipping method which is an enhancement of the standard table rate shipping matrix and allows you to do ‘Product vs Destination’ to charge different amounts per product per item depending on the destination. Really helps for big and bulk items which weight isn’t really the factor.

We’ve set this up for an Australia site at the moment using the CSV linked below in which we just copy and pasted all the rows for each product we had.

Product Vs Destination CSV

In the CSV file above all prices are set to $22 per item for all destinations but our requirements were to have different rates for metro and rural areas (which may be the case for you too) so here is a link to a CSV with definitions of postcodes by metro or Rural.

Australian Rural vs Metro Zone Guide

To get the plugin working after purchase, just copy all of the contents to the root directory of your Magento project, clear al caches, log out of the admin section then back in and away you go.

The only issue with this plugin is I couldn’t find a way to add a development URL so needed to change my local hosts file so y development environment simulated live. However maybe if the nice folk at CED Commerce read this they may add this in for us 🙂

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