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PPC AdWords – Exact Match Types

PPC AdWords – Exact Match Types

by Adrian RandallMay 24, 2016

In the last 2 weeks, we have showed you how to use Phrase Match Types and Broad Match Modifier Types in your Google AdWords campaigns. If you are still finding you’re getting a lot of irrelevant search terms seeing your ad, you can opt for the most restrictive / targeted keyword type – Exact Match Type.

Exact Match Type in Google AdWords means just that: users must search for your EXACT keyword or key phrase in order to be served your ad. The user cannot add additional words, nor can they use the same words in a different order. Whatever you enter as your Exact Match phrase is what your user must enter (no more, no less) for the potential to be served your ad.


Exact Match Type Example

For example, let’s say I’m still advertising “black dog collars”, and I want to only target users who search for that term exactly. I can simply put square brackets around the key phrase in my AdWords campaign to tell Google I only want to target these specific users. So, in AdWords, my key phrase is:

[black dog collars]

Only people who enter “black dog collars” in their search query will see my ad.

BUT, people who enter something (even slightly) different will be excluded from seeing your ad. For example, these searches would be omitted:

  • dog collars black
  • dog collar black
  • dog collar
  • black dog collar
  • etc


In Summary

If you find your campaigns have already been restricted through the use of phrase match and broad match modifier types, and you are still getting irrelevant search queries that you ad is getting served to, you can consider adding some exact match types to your AdWords campaign. Remember that Exact Match Types mean that user must search for your EXACT search query – in the same order and with no additional words – in order to be served your ad. Be prepared to see low impressions – but (hopefully) a high conversion rate as you’re audience is small but targeted.


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