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Setting up an AdWords Remarketing List

Setting up an AdWords Remarketing List

by Adrian RandallNovember 29, 2016

Remarketing can be a really powerful tool.

Before we jump into the the how, let’s first cover the why.

For those of you who have never heard of remarketing before, I encourage you to read this article, “What is Remarketing?”

In essence, remarketing is about staying top-of-mind as previous visitors to your website browse the web. Why is this important? Well, according to a study completed by Stamford, over 80% of consumers will visit online before even thinking about buying (whether it’s buying online or visiting a store). Furthermore in the same study, consumers spent an average of 79 days to gather information before making a purchase. Now – obviously there will be purchases that don’t take 79 days – but depending on the product or service, 79 days might be an underestimate too!

To determine whether you need remarketing, have a think about the sales cycle for your product or service. Even if a consumer might “think” about it for a week, that’s over 56 hours 0f online browsing that your remarketing campaign could be savvy to (based on figures from dailymail which quoted average online use of 8 hours 41 minutes per day per person). If there’s any chance that your target consumer will browse before they buy, you’re probably a good candidate for remarketing. If you have a particularly long sales cycle (eg. over 30 or 60 days), remarketing shouldn’t even be questioned – just do it!

Let’s jump straight into the how to’s now:


How to Set Up Your AdWords Remarketing List

  1. First up, you must already have a Google AdWords account setup. If you don’t have one, you can visit here to get started. Go to your AdWords account, login and navigate to your Campaigns page.
  2. In the grey left-hand side bar, you’ll see a “Shared Library”. Click on this.
  3. Under Audiences, click “View”.
  4. You will now see a big red button labeled, “+REMARKETING LIST”. Click this and select “Website Visitors” from the dropdown.

add adwords remarketing list

5. In the next screen, fill out your information:

Remarketing list name (I usually go with something simple like “Remarketing”)

Who to add to your list: Visitors of a page

People who visited a page with any of the following: Select “URL Contains”

Membership duration: This is how long you want them to be a member of this list. If your sales cycle is only a week, you might choose 7 or 10 days. For a more involved purchase, you might go much higher- for example, 90 days

Click Save.

adding a new remarketing list

6. And you’re done! Kind of…. now you’ll need to set up your remarketing pixel, so keep on reading…

Getting Your AdWords Remarketing Pixel

  1. Under Campaigns, go to Shared Library and select Audiences.
  2. In the top right hand corner, you’ll see the following Remarketing tag box:

adwords remarketing tag

Click “Tag details”

3. In the pop up, click “Setup” in the top right.

how to add remarketing pixel

4. Expand “View AdWords remarketing tag and instructions”

5. Copy the remarketing tag and send this to your web developer to add into the backend of the website.

6. Click Done.


And wallah! You’re done (kind of…)! The final step once you’re web guy comes back and gives the thumbs up is to jump on in and create your remarketing campaign!


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