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Setup New User from MySQL Command Line

Setup New User from MySQL Command Line

by Adrian RandallJanuary 24, 2016

This will help you create a new user from the command line and give them access to all databases within the MySQL Instance.

1. Login to MySQL using the current root name and password:
    mysql -u root -p 
You will then be prompted for the current root password.
2. Next create the new user and give them a password. In this case we’ll create a demo username and password but for actual setups use a secure username and password which is unique to the company. In our example ‘magentobase’ is the username and ‘MagentoBase01’ is the password.
    CREATE USER ‘magentobase’@’localhost’ IDENTIFIED BY ‘MagentoBase01’;
3. If you’re setting up shared hosting then make the username and password only allow access to the database it needs access to but if it’s dedicated I just give it root access so we can use the same one for a Staging and Production environment setup:
    Access To All Databases – GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON * . * TO ‘magentobase’@’localhost’;
    Access To Database called MyDatabase – GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON MyDatabase . * TO ‘magentobase’@’localhost’;
4. Now we just need to flush the settings so the new privileges are picked up and work:


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